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About Sigfox

Our vision: bringing objects to life! In the future, billions of objects around the world will be connected to the Internet; their data will be stored in the Cloud and will participate in the digitization of our environment. A simple, low-cost, low-power, global connectivity solution is fundamental.

Each Sigfoxer is driven by the company's project to revolutionize the world!

Sigfox is the place for personal and collective challenge. Every day, nearly 44 different nationalities come together here: diversity is one of their strong points.

Job description

Role summary:

As part of the Sales & Marketing function, the Client and Ecosystem Success Director is responsible for the management of:

1.      Client  and Ecosystem Solution Success – Supporting the IoT Solution definition, adoption, and development from a Client and/or Ecosystem perspective. Sales support from qualifying sales opportunities through to handover to the delivery team. Manage lifecycle and relationship of Tier 1 & 2 ecosystem Ecosystems.

2.      Client  and Ecosystem Sales Operations – Providing Sales operations, planning and administration support to Sales & Ecosystem, including management of the Sigfox Ecosystem Network platform. Provide inside sales support, including qualification of Marketing leads and allocation to either Sigfox Sales, Channel Ecosystems or Sigfox Operators. Manage the Sigfox Ecosystem Network platform as the “shop window” of the Sigfox eco-system.

3.      Sales communication, processes, and sales tools – definition, automation, updates, and continuous improvement

4. Sales performance and business intelligence – from Sales pipeline, forecasting, trend analysis, market intelligence, dashboarding and Sales data integrity

Key responsibilities:

The Client  and Ecosystem Success Director is accountable for four categories of activity:

1. Client Solution Success:

·       Pre-sales support for business development activities carried out by Sales, including Direct, Indirect/SO, Channel, Alliance, and Ecosystem sales. Pre-sales support may include required information, documentation, Client  meetings, presentations, demonstrations, POC/pilots, etc. all delivered in a timely and professional manner

·       Support Clients with IOT solution architecture, for direct and indirect sales with solutions orientated pre-sales support

·       Support Clients with IOT solution adoption, supporting Client through adoption of IOT solutions within the Client’s business, considering people/process/technology implications

·       Contribute to Eco-system, Sales development & Product Management contribution, using in-depth knowledge of IOT solutions and market demands to inform Sigfox sales strategy, sales qualification, sales forecasting, and product roadmaps

2. Ecosystem Success:

·       Define and run a partner framework program to define tiering categories, tiering gates, on boarding, selection of champions, … through the Sigfox Partner Network

·       Define a strategy by technical partner category, ensure Quaternarily Business Review with critical partners, define and implement automatic way to manage others (through Client & Partner Operations)

·       Chase of Partners that fits Sigfox strategic vertical requirements (in term of scalability, building blocks, capacity to grow, industrialisation, …)

·       Find out Business Opportunities from a partner standpoint, ways to increase Sigfox revenues

·       Align with Sigfox opportunities and propose building blocks that fits business expectations

·       Get a perspective from outside, ensure technological and competitive Intelligence

·       Contribute to Eco-system, Sales development & Product Management contribution, using in-depth knowledge of IOT solutions and market demands to inform Sigfox sales strategy, sales qualification, sales forecasting, and product roadmaps

3. Client and Ecosystem Sales Operations:

·       Qualify Marketing Qualified Leads into Sales Qualified Leads gained through Sales campaigns or other lead generation initiatives. Allocate the Leads to the Sigfox Sales teams, Sigfox Operators or Channel Ecosystems.

·       Support Sales campaign development assist in the development of Sales campaigns, compile Sales content and support sales execution.  

·       Contribute to and maintain a thorough market knowledge of the Sigfox Sales campaign portfolio, from exploration phase to execution.

·       Operate an efficient Sales Support Desk, that will remotely support sales, presales, and ecosystem requests from Sigfox Sales teams, SOs and Channels

·       Manage the Sigfox Ecosystem Network (SPN) – ensure the SPN is an efficient and effective “shop window” to promote capabilities and offerings across the Sigfox ecosystem. This included user experience, GUI, architecture and relevant processes for onboarding, tiering/rating, offboarding and interconnects with other tools. Automate wherever possible.

·       Qualify & lifecycle manage Ecosystems, lifecycle manage Ecosystems with light touch enablement of Tier 3, medium touch for Tier 2 and high touch support for Tier 1 Ecosystems. Help Ecosystems gain greater success and status as they develop though the tiers. Lay the foundation to create the future Strategic Ecosystem Ecosystems to inclusion in Sigfox strategic portfolio

·       Identify and recruit Ecosystem Ecosystems to support Sigfox Sales priorities

·       Communicate and animate Sigfox Ecosystem Ecosystems (with assistance from Marcomms).

3. Sales communication, quality, processes, and tools:

·       Responsible for the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the Sales & Marketing functions. Implement technologies and automation to support the marketing and sales teams

·       Communicate internally about sales initiatives, progress, successes, and stories

·       Manage CRM utilization and data integrity

·       Define and develop/adapt Sales processes, and drive continuous improvement

·       Manage Inside sales as the academy for future sales and marketing talent

·       Implement, manage, and monitor Client  and Ecosystem satisfaction

·       Manage Opportunities Review Board

·       Deliver Sales learning, development & enablement – curriculum definition and implementation

·       Define and implement Sales collaboration tools & knowledge management

4. Sales performance and business Intelligence:

·       Provide Sales forecast tools and dashboards

·       Provide comprehensive business intelligence data, trend analysis, Sales campaign performance to facilitate decision making to the benefit of all S&M

·       Define and management Sales commission plans and work with HR and Finance on the implementation and arbitration of the plan

·       Drive continuous improvement, Sales data integrity, optimisation, and automation. Align data integrity and definitions with all other departments (Finance).


Skills & Attribute:

·       Internal & external Client empathy, with excellent diagnostic and problem solving

·       Strong understanding of Client centric sales process, systems, and operations

·       Proven track record in Sales/Business operations

·       Proven track record in Team Management and ability to develop talent

·       Enthusiasm, leadership, and ability to work across functions

·       Team player able to work well under pressure and be very organized

·       Client centric with clarity of thought, decision making and sound judgement

·       Excellent interpersonal skills at an individual or group/team level

·       Passionate about your objectives, able to influence people and outcomes

·       Humility and coachability

·       Strong work ethic and willing to go the extra mile

·       Curiosity and strong active listening

Excellent English language skills, both written and verbal communication skills

Sigfox promotes inclusion and non-discrimination, and acts daily in favor of social mix, gender equality, senior citizens. As a learning organization and open-minded on Diversity, Sigfox is ready to welcome Extra-ordinary people and adapt their workplace. At Sigfox, we hire personalities above all!


Every Sigfoxer is driven by the project to make things come alive !

Sigfox is the ideal place for personal and collective challenges. Here, 44 different nationalities live side by side: diversity is one of our strong points.

Sigfox brews lot of skills and positions and everyone keeps learning & contributes to the success of the company.

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